Allred Farms T-Shirt

What’s a brand new clothing company without cool t-shirts? These are 100% organic and made in the USA. Soft to the touch, and a very durable piece of clothing you can wear with pride.

WHITE - A classic t-shirt for the purist within us all. The back reads “A farm-to-body experience.”

SOFT BLACK - Your original personality and style will be a perfect match for our original logo on the front of this amazing t-shirt. The back reads “Blue-collar consciousness expressed from non-GMO cotton.”

Men's Organic Cotton T-shirt

Super comfortable, standard-fit  T made in the USA from pesticide-free, sustainably-grown organic cotton.

Womens Organic Cotton T-Shirt

Cut for a woman's curves. Our non-GMO 100% organic cotton t-shirt features a slightly slimmer cut, shorter length, and shorter sleeves when compared to our standard organic t-shirt.

About the Allred Farms logo...

We came up with the idea for our logo back in 2014. Wanting to capture the century-old rich heritage of our family farm along with our modern/crazy ideas, we continue to sow seeds of fertility within the earth and people’s minds and hearts. Without seeds, life is impossible. Without new ideas, life becomes stagnant. Both seeds and ideas require hard work in order for them to reach their potential. And both require ample sunshine and rain. It is with our logo, company, clothing, and farm that we desire to walk our true path of self-empowerment and innovative inspiration.